Monday, June 25, 2007

Fireflies on an Evening Hike in June

After spending far too many days in the city, we finally got ourselves some time for a hike. We went to Greenbelt Park (map), which is very close to the city, but still feels like a real forest! You don't even notice you're still in the middle of civilization until you get near the edge of the park by the highway.

We ate PBJs and cucumbers, scoped out the campsites (they have RV hookups...yeah!), and watched the fireflies.

It's so nice to spend quiet time out in the great out-of-doors.


Sarah Jane said...

wow! you are bloggging again! yahoo!!! I don't think that I have ever seen a video of just fireflies! very cool! we miss you two! a lot! happy summer!

Unknown said...

well, have you ever seen a video of just an egg in a microwave before?!