Sunday, December 9, 2007

Picture Frames

We wanted to thank you for picking out these lovely frames and show you how we are using them. So here they are for all the world to see!

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Annie said...

Very cute!

Sarah Jane said... your url has been faulty on my blogs side bar! I finally went to the knell site to see if you have been posting...and well, you have! I need to redo my link!!! i love what you did. so great! I love the 'knell' sign...very cool. I can't wait to see you guys! love you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tim! I appreciated your comment on my wife's blog about my test. I miss you man! Hope life is treating you guys well!!

Take care,

Lizzie. said...

Ok Tim,
I'm putting my foot down. I have been checking back several months now for a new post and nothing has changed. It's time for new information and a new post. I want to see what you and your lovely wife are up to.

Krista said...

Tim Knell! How exciting to find you on the internet! I don't think i have you seen you for at least 4 years! I went on a mission and lost touch with everyone! I hope life is treating you well...come over and check out my blog...right now it is mostly pictures of all my chicks!