Monday, October 6, 2008

Things that are New, Part Tew

After a conversation with one of my brothers, I realized that I'm not being very good about letting everyone know what's going on in our life. I think I've tended to just tell Mom, and then kinda depend on her to spread the information around to the siblings. Works ok, as long as Mother isn't slogging through a semester of demanding classes...

So, what has Rebecca been doing since finishing school? Glad you asked! Right about the time that we were trying to figure that out ourselves, a sister in our ward grabbed me during church and asked, "Do you teach piano lessons?" "Well, no, but I've been thinking about starting!" "Great, because I have a whole bunch of piano students who will need a new teacher when I move this summer!" :-o How amazing is that?

Starting my own little piano business called for a new, full-sized instrument. (We had only had Tim's keyboard up to that point--a great instrument, but only about 64 keys.) Thanks to some good financial management and an economic stimulus package occurring at just the right time, we now have this beauty:

Piano teaching is quite a challenge, but I'm loving it! I have 15 students right now. I would be very happy for lots of advice and wisdom from my musical relatives, or anyone else who's had experience. My Mom is right--you don't really learn piano until you start teaching it yourself. :-)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Grandpas in The War

Rebecca's parents are in town, and that means we get to be tourists! So we've spent quite a bit of time downtown and one of the monuments we saw was the WWII Memorial. I've been there several times before, but I'd never been to the Information Booth off to the side. Well, as it turns out, there's a set of computer kiosks where you can search the registry of people who served in the war. I searched for Grandpa Knell and found this (taken by my cell phone):
I also found his brother, Uncle Jack:
If you can't read that text on the bottom, it says: "Served 50 missions in the European theater of operations out of Italy. Bombing missions in Germany.

So I thought I'd share my findings and let you all know how cool it is to pay tribute to family member war veterans.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

An Unexpected Dilemma

We got a hanging pot of little flowers a while ago to prettify our balcony a bit. Just yesterday, we discovered that a little bird has decided that it's prime real estate, and has started building a house there!

The picture doesn't show it well, but this little guy was awfully busy this morning working on a nest just below the flower level. It has been a good little tenant so far, and we'd be happy to keep it there! Here's my worry though: I have to water that plant every so often (it's probably due for a drink today, even), but how can I water it without flooding the little bird home out??? Any suggestions?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Things that are New

Well, as we've been reminded more than once, it's high time that we got back to blogging again. So many things have changed since last December that it's hard to know where to start. We both made it through a very busy semester, which turned out very well. Between his work and two online classes, Tim basically had no free time between the end of January and the end of May. I was on a bit of a reduced schedule at school, which was good--otherwise the house would have never been cleaned and we would have had to eat McDonalds every night! But it all worked out, since Tim got excellent grades, and I got.........


Well, almost anyway. There are just a couple more hoops of paperwork I have to jump through before it's official, but I'll be sure to let you know when you can all start calling me Master Rebecca. :) One of the big new things in our lives is that this is the end of my formal education, at least for now. Except for my mission, I have been in school since Fall of 1984, and being out is a HUGE change! We are both liking this new chapter in my life quite a lot! It's a good step towards being what and who I really want to be.

This spring, we decided that having a garden couldn't wait until we own a house with a yard, so we have a pot garden on our balcony. No, no, not that kind of pot! Just a bunch of pots with tomatoes, crookneck squash, and a bit of basil and rosemary. They're all growing just nicely. The picture at the top shows some pretty little tomato blossoms. Here are a few more:

Crookneck squash blossoms


And our own little baby tomato!

More to follow.....