Monday, October 6, 2008

Things that are New, Part Tew

After a conversation with one of my brothers, I realized that I'm not being very good about letting everyone know what's going on in our life. I think I've tended to just tell Mom, and then kinda depend on her to spread the information around to the siblings. Works ok, as long as Mother isn't slogging through a semester of demanding classes...

So, what has Rebecca been doing since finishing school? Glad you asked! Right about the time that we were trying to figure that out ourselves, a sister in our ward grabbed me during church and asked, "Do you teach piano lessons?" "Well, no, but I've been thinking about starting!" "Great, because I have a whole bunch of piano students who will need a new teacher when I move this summer!" :-o How amazing is that?

Starting my own little piano business called for a new, full-sized instrument. (We had only had Tim's keyboard up to that point--a great instrument, but only about 64 keys.) Thanks to some good financial management and an economic stimulus package occurring at just the right time, we now have this beauty:

Piano teaching is quite a challenge, but I'm loving it! I have 15 students right now. I would be very happy for lots of advice and wisdom from my musical relatives, or anyone else who's had experience. My Mom is right--you don't really learn piano until you start teaching it yourself. :-)