Sunday, January 9, 2011

Apt. 26 - Our new home

Here are just a few pics of our new apartment. Though it feels kind of funny to call it new...this building must have been built about 100 years ago! It's got a lot of atmosphere. We really like it.

Note: Tim took these pictures before we unloaded anything, so this is how we found it. Currently, it's covered in boxes and bags of stuff waiting to be unpacked. The lady who owns the place is from Europe, which shows a lot in the decor--very Ikealicious.

We love the breakfast nook!


Mom said...

The place looks great. Cozy and charming.

Sarah Jane said...

Yay! you have a blog! I was going to nag you about that. you have the perfect reasons: a cute baby, a far away place, a cool city and a family who misses you! Can't wait to see more!