Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Year's looking at you, kid!

We made it! One whole year. We have been parents for an entire year, and Ginny's still putting up with us! Yes, our darling girl is growing up for real. Here she is on her birthday morning with gorgeous bed-head.

And later on, in her birthday outfit and with Daddy's ukulele. What a nice Daddy!

Uh, maybe Daddy needs to be more discriminating with who he lends his ukulele to....

She has no idea what yummy deliciousness is about to come her way.

Uh-oh, firebug in the making!

This was her first real experience with chocolate, and she didn't quite know what to make of it....

...but at least she was nice enough to share with Mommy.

In the end, she did not become the chocolate addict that Daddy feared (and Mommy secretly hoped), but from that smile, it looks like it was a successful birthday party!

. . .

Post Script: I did start this post way back in the beginning of May like it says, but what with the end of classes, graduation, and moving, I only just finished it off today (June 26). Sorry for the delay on the birthday pictures, everyone.

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Maren Hansen said...

She's SOOOO cute! I'm so sad that we'll not be there when you return. How's life?